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What to do or not do when approaching an accident scene

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When approaching an accident scene, truckers are urged to be cautious and be able to identify and act on anything that could endanger the lives of the parties involved.

Your safety and that of the accident victims, emergency personnel, traffic officers and other motorists is dependent on your actions.

Many secondary crashes happen in the first accident scene vicinity mainly because drivers did not exercise caution.

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SA Trucker offers the following advice to truckers driving near accident scenes:

  • Slow down when you see an accident scene – and if necessary – Stop!🛑
  • Look for changes in the traffic pattern around the accident
  • Look for personnel directing traffic
  • Stop when directed to stop and do so immediately. Do not keep coasting slowly
  • Proceed through the scene slowly when directed to do so
  • Look for signs ⚠️indicating what you should do
  • Watch out for emergency services personnel ⚕walking around the scene
  • Watch out for emergency vehicles🚑 arriving and departing the scene
  • Watch out for debris that may damage your tyres
  • Make sure traffic behind you notice the danger ahead (hazards on)
  • Do not stare at the accident scene or flashing lights while your vehicle is in motion
  • Do not park near the accident scene while blocking traffic
  • Do not join the looters
  • Do not record a video 📸while driving or take pictures even
  • Do not honk 🔊your horn. Rest assured, it will not get you through any faster!
  • Do not make sudden movements
  • Do not assume anything. Do only as directed by the police or officials directing traffic
  • Do not disregard the directions of the person directing traffic
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