11. In bad weather you should avoid isolated areas so you don’t fall prey to hijackers in the event you get stuck.

12. Do not overload your vehicle, brakes are not as effective as when you are loaded normal and the slippery road added on top makes a pretty good recipe for disaster.

13. Avoid driving at the blind spot of other vehicles, make sure you see what the second and third vehicle ahead of you can see.

14. Do not drive too slow endangering others, try flow with the traffic.

15. A loaded truck turns wider than an empty one, worse if the road is wet be careful.

16. If pulling a superlink or an interlink avoid loading only the back trailer it reduces your traction and increases your braking distance, worse when the roads are wet.

17. Speed limits are for normal driving conditions ie dry road, clear visibility etc  reduce your speed.

18. Do not drive abreast with another vehicle, let them pass or overtake.

19. Always keep in your truck a blanket and warm clothes and something to eat.


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