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Our winter season brings rain, snow, fog, ice and sometimes smoke so here are 10 tips to driving in winter for your safety. It should be remembered also that THERE IS NO LOAD WORTH YOUR LIFE and we should always drive defensively (RISK TAKERS ARE COLLISION MAKERS)

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1. Avoid driving while fatigued. Getting a proper rest before taking on winter weather    tasks reduces driving risks.

2. Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface (wet, ice, sand or gravel…)

3. Especially for long distance truckers, watch weather reports prior to your trip and plan accordingly considering you will take longer when driving in adverse conditions than when roads are dry.

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4. Make sure your truck is roadworthy,

-tryes in good condition and properly inflated

-wipers working properly

-all lights in good working order

5. Increase your following distance from the normal 2-3seconds to about 8seconds

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6. Avoid slamming onto your brakes or risk jack knifing the truck, acceleration too should be gentle or you risk spinning.

7. Don’t power up hills, gain inertia to carry you to the top and coming from the top of the hill use low gears and try not to accelerate.

8. Where visibility is reduced, fog, rain, mist or smoke, switch on your light and or hazards.

9. Avoid underweight on the driving axle or risk jack knifing or low traction on the truck meaning inefficient braking and more diesel consumed.

10. In the sad event of a breakdown stay well off the road and increase visibility by switching on hazards and placing warning triangles.

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