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Would you pay R3 900 for this fragrance that smells like a new car?

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Imagine you arrive at a party and everyone you greet congratulates you on buying a new car which they haven’t even seen. Crazy right, well it may actually not be too crazy if you are wearing the new Eau De New Car by AutoTrader.

If you smell of fresh leather and all the adhesives used inside a new car or truck, you will definitely fool your friends, that’s how Eau De New Car smells.

Apparently, Auto Trader thinks that there are people who would want to wear such a fragrance everywhere they go.

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AutoTrader United Kingdom launched the fragrance that epitomises that new car (or truck) smell. The company tells us that Eau de New Car “has been expertly crafted to replicate the alluring and inspiring smell of a new vehicle”.

The scent blends notes of fine leathers and hard wax from the most premium of vehicles, culminating in a finish of musk and carpeted aroma. It is apparently designed “to recreate the heady emotion of the first journey in a new car, the scent culminates in a finish of musk and carpeted aroma”.

Success in a bottle

The launch comes following research that the website carried out into British consumers’ attitudes towards success, which found that the scent of a new car is the smell we are most likely to associate with success, with one in four British adults feeling this way.

The research also revealed how those who are deemed to be successful are more likely to be respected in the workplace and be considered attractive.

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The fragrance has therefore been dubbed “success in a bottle”, as it allows consumers to spritz on a whiff of success whenever they need a lift.

However, much like hard-earned success, this eau de parfum does not come cheap – a 50-ml bottle comes at a price of £175 (about R3 900).

The perfume has been launched in a slick new advert featuring motoring expert and former Top Gear presenter, Rory Reid, which is airing via online media over the next couple of weeks.

The limited-edition Eau de New Car fragrance can be purchased from AutoTrader.

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