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You take my parking, we go to war!

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What would you do to find, and keep, a coveted parking space?

We’ve all been there. We’ve driven around in circles for 20 minutes, up and down each aisle to no avail. We’ve stalked unsuspecting shoppers to their cars, only to wave awkwardly at them as they pull out and we eagerly pull into their spot. We’ve even gone so far as offering R20 to shoppers who promise us their space instead of that rival car lurking around the corner. But what happens when that creeping car goes for it and crosses the line?

In the case of the situation featured in the video below, we find a woman in a red car preparing to back into her parking spot when all of a sudden, a tiny white car zooms in out of nowhere. She has two options here: drive away defeated, or get her revenge. Luckily (or not so luckily, depending on for whom you’re rooting), the white car left just enough space for her to squeeze in and take what is rightfully hers.

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Whether this was a prank or the real deal, her skills are quite impressive. It’s not uncommon for women to be mocked as poor drivers, but it takes a certain pro to park with such precision. And the way she nonchalantly puts the top down on her convertible and walks out while trapping the man in his car is just icing on the cake. She deserves a round of applause for that move.

Although both parties left unscathed, we don’t recommend re-creating this situation. The number of accidents involving aggressive drivers increases about increases all the time and people usually get hurt in the end. These incidents don’t always play out as they did in the video — with seemingly no damage or typical car accident injuries.


Parking lots can be a nightmare, especially come weekends and holidays. It’s important that you maneuver slowly through the hoards of people and drive as safely as possible. And while we don’t advocate any horseplay in parking lots — for fear of road rage incidents — we do hope you get a kick out of the video below.

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