Zahara’s pictures gets her a backlash from twitters

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Twitter users went on the rampage ridiculing Zahara’s topless Africa Day pictures calling her all sorts of names on the social media platform.

The songstress once again became a trending topic on social media shortly after she shared a picture of herself dressed in traditional Xhosa attire while kneeling on all fours.

“Like the Xhosa lioness I come to conquer,” Zahara captioned the picture.


Within minutes after the songbird shared the pictures, it went viral with Twitter users taking aim at her.

This saw Zahara trend for over 12 hours with tweeps commenting on how “silly” she looked kneeling on all fours.

Some users went as far as to compare Zahara to a “dog” who was “waiting to be fed.”

There’s just no chill on social on media. Absolutely no chill.

Source: Timeslive

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