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Hestony Transport Reviews Confirm their Excellent Customer Service Commitment

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Hestony Transport, a Bloemfontein based trucking company specializing in refrigerated and agricultural transport, garnered an impressive reputation in the industry in a recent peers review on SA Trucker.

This article aims to highlight the company’s strengths as attested by positive comments from peers on the SA Trucker platform.

While acknowledging that there have been a few negative remarks, the overwhelming positive feedback from those who have worked for or directly with Hestony Transport underscores its commendable practices and contributions to the trucking sector.

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Exemplary Customer Service and Professionalism

One SA Trucker member enthusiastically praised Hestony Transport’s customer service, describing it as “fantastic” and “stunning.”

The company’s drivers were commended for their impeccable knowledge of each client’s administrative procedures and their consistently friendly demeanor.

Such professionalism contributes to a seamless experience for clients, earning the company a resounding “10 out of 10” for its service quality from both administrative staff and drivers.

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Employee Loyalty and Fair Treatment

An individual who spent four years working for Hestony Transport expressed satisfaction with the company’s fairness and loyalty to its employees.

According to this review, adhering to the company’s rules results in long-term employment, exemplified by several employees who have been with the company for over a decade.

Hestony Transport Reviews Confirm their Excellent Customer Service Commitment Screenshot 20230831 175005 Business Suite

The company’s commitment to fair payment and its emphasis on driver compliance create a conducive working environment, cultivating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

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Training and Development

A former employee who worked for Hestony Transport for a decade shared insights into the company’s approach to training and development.

The reviewer mentioned that the company excels at shaping good drivers into the best of the best.

Hestony Transport Reviews Confirm their Excellent Customer Service Commitment Screenshot 20230831 175348 Business Suite

Hestony Transport’s emphasis on adopting their methods and practices fosters longevity and healthy relationships within the company.

This sentiment echoes the sentiment that those willing to embrace the company’s teachings thrive, showcasing the effectiveness of the company’s training initiatives.

Safety and Disciplinary Measures

Hestony Transport’s stringent approach to safety was lauded by multiple reviewers.

The company’s focus on preventing accidents through strict speeding policies ensures the safety of both drivers and other road users.

Hestony Transport Reviews Confirm their Excellent Customer Service Commitment Screenshot 20230831 175148 Business Suite

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This commitment to responsible driving resonated with employees who appreciated the emphasis on discipline and the prevention of accidents, further underscoring the company’s dedication to road safety.

In the highly competitive trucking industry, Hestony Transport stands out as an exemplar of professionalism, employee loyalty, and commitment to safety.

The praise from peers demonstrates the company’s positive impact on both its employees and clients.

With a history of cultivating disciplined and skilled drivers, Hestony Transport continues to shape the industry’s landscape.

While some negative comments exist, the collective positive sentiment far outweighs the criticism, solidifying Hestony Transport’s reputation as a leading trucking company in South Africa.

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