SA Trucker is an online magazine for truckers in Southern Africa. SA Trucker is owned and managed by Sikoz Trading (Pty) Ltd.

For far too long, truck drivers have been looked down upon and their voices have either fallen on deaf ears or their mouths have been forcefully shut.

The community somehow does not seem to notice how crucial the job of a trucker is forgetting that more than 75% of goods across Southern Africa is moved by trucks.

We are here to try to claim back the respect we deserve from our communities.

Truck driving is considered one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, hence whoever survive in the industry should be respected and loved. This is contrary to what many in our communities think of us, we are not monsters, we have families too expecting us back home safely after our trip.

Sharing the plight of the truck driver is a team of drivers who use their spare time to update others on daily developments.

We strive to give a voice to any concerned truck driver in Southern Africa without fear or favour.

SA Truckers are at the backbone of our work as we share news and events that require their attention.

We encourage safe driving to fellow truck drivers and other road users. Safety begins with you. #RespectATrucker