About us

Welcome to SA Trucker, the premier online magazine dedicated to serving the vibrant community of truckers in Southern Africa. Founded and operated by Sikoz Trading (Pty) Ltd, SA Trucker is more than just a publication—it’s a platform amplifying the voices and championing the rights of truck drivers across the region.

For too long, the invaluable contributions of truckers have been overlooked, their challenges dismissed, and their voices silenced. Despite being the lifeblood of commerce, moving over 75% of goods throughout Southern Africa, truck drivers have faced stigma and misunderstanding.

At SA Trucker, we’re on a mission to change that narrative. We believe in reclaiming the respect and recognition rightfully owed to truckers by our communities. We recognize the inherent dangers of their profession, with truck driving often ranked among the most perilous occupations globally. Yet, behind the wheel are not faceless entities but individuals with families eagerly awaiting their safe return home after each journey.

Our team comprises dedicated drivers who volunteer their time to keep the community informed and empowered. We provide a platform for truckers to share their experiences, concerns, and triumphs without fear or favor. SA Trucker serves as a vital conduit, disseminating news, updates, and events essential to the trucking industry.

Central to our ethos is a commitment to safety. We advocate for responsible driving practices among truckers and all road users, recognizing that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Join us as we stand in solidarity with the backbone of our economy—the resilient and indispensable truckers of Southern Africa. Together, let’s drive change, foster understanding, and ensure a safer, more supportive environment for all who traverse our roads.