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Truck Carrying a Massive 127-Ton Furnace Overturns on R603 in KZN

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KwaZulu-Natal – On Friday afternoon, a truck driver sustained moderate injuries when his Volvo truck, which was transporting a massive 127-ton furnace, overturned on a sharp curve along the R603 in Umbumbulu, KwaZulu-Natal.

Frits Kroon Transport, the transporting company, informed SA Trucker that the driver has now been discharged from the hospital, providing a reassuring update on the driver’s condition.

Director Frits Kroon confirmed, “We are relieved to report that the driver involved in the accident is alive and well, having been discharged from the hospital earlier today.”

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The incident occurred on a sharp left curve, resulting in the truck toppling over onto its left side.

Kroon affirmed that only one vehicle was involved in the accident.

frits kroon truck accident

He stated that the cargo in transit at the time of the accident was a massive 127-ton furnace.

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The considerable weight of the cargo prompts further inquiries into the unique circumstances of the accident and the potential challenges it may have posed during its transportation.

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Initial reports from truckers who arrived at the scene immediately after the crash suggested that the road surface was uneven, sloping to the left and it was on an uphill.

This irregular road surface may have contributed to the trailer tipping towards the slope.

127-ton furnace accident

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Kroon declined to speculate on the accident’s cause and stated that a comprehensive investigation has been initiated.

“At this point, the precise factors that led to the incident remain uncertain. Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the accident is of paramount importance,” he emphasized.

The truck and trailer were successfully towed away the previous night, leading to the reopening of the road to traffic.

Regarding the cargo’s recovery, Fritts Kroon told SA Trucker that the next steps will entail an inspection conducted by the customer and the insurer.

Subsequently, a comprehensive recovery plan will be formulated. This process aims to ensure the safe and efficient retrieval of the cargo while preventing any potential environmental impacts.

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