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Update: Five Dead in George Building Collapse Tragedy, 49 Still Missing

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The George Municipality confirmed this morning, on May 7th at 7:15 am, that a total of five construction workers have lost their lives in a catastrophic collapse.

The incident occurred at a multi-story construction site located at 75 Victoria Street in George.

As the rescue efforts intensify, the grim reality emerges with twenty-five patients successfully rescued from the rubble, while forty-nine individuals remain unaccounted for.

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The collapse of the multistory apartment building, under construction, sent shockwaves through the municipality of George, situated approximately 400km east of Cape Town.

Reports indicate that seventy-five construction workers were on-site when the tragedy unfolded just after 2 pm local time on Monday.

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Alan Winde, the head of the provincial Western Cape government, provided insight into the magnitude of the situation, stating, “Seventy-five members of the construction crew have been confirmed on-site at the time of the incident.”

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Following the collapse, over 100 emergency personnel swiftly mobilized to the scene, initiating a relentless rescue operation.

Utilizing sniffer dogs and heavy lifting equipment, rescue teams worked tirelessly through the night, amidst harrowing conditions, in a race against time to locate survivors trapped beneath the debris.

Leon van Wyk, the executive mayor of George, conveyed the challenges faced by rescue workers, stating, “Rescue workers on site were trying to recall where they heard calls from people.”

This underscores the complexity and urgency of the operation as authorities grapple to save lives and reunite families.

As investigations into the cause of the collapse unfold, the George Municipality has opened a case with local law enforcement agencies.

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george construction site accident

“Our thoughts are with the families and all those affected who continue to wait on word of their loved ones,” expressed Mr. van Wyk.

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the provincial Western Cape government has pledged unwavering support, dispatching resources to bolster the emergency response efforts.

“All the necessary support has been offered to emergency personnel to expedite their response,” affirmed Winde, emphasizing the paramount importance of saving lives.

As the nation grapples with this tragedy, the national government stands abreast of the unfolding situation, receiving regular briefings on the ongoing rescue operation.

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