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Volvo Trucks SA Introduces Electric Truck Rentals, Pioneering Environmental-Friendly Transport Solutions

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Volvo Trucks South Africa (SA) has unveiled an innovative equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) model for its new electric truck rentals business, providing a solution for companies seeking eco-conscious transport options without the burden of high initial capital costs.

Building on the success of last year’s introduction of Volvo electric trucks in South Africa, the company has imported a range of configurations tailored to local conditions, including FH, FM, and FMX models in various setups such as 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 tractors.

Additional options, including FM 4×2 and 6×2 rigids, will soon join the lineup.

volvo electric trucks for rent
Electric Volvo Trucks are now available for renting in South Africa

Eric Parry, Senior Manager of Sustainable Solutions at Volvo Trucks SA, emphasized the company’s commitment to lowering barriers to entry for fleets looking to adopt cleaner transport alternatives.

We recognize that the high initial capital cost of electric vehicles makes it harder for fleets to bring them into their business, especially those with shorter-term contracts with their customers”

That is why we will also be offering these trucks as rental units to our customers.

Paul Uys, Managing Director of Volvo Financial Services Southern Africa, highlighted the clear demand for rental trucks in the country, underscoring the reduced capital outlay and increased flexibility that rental options offer compared to purchasing a truck outright.

Volvo Trucks’ EaaS rentals will be available nationwide, supported by a comprehensive charger infrastructure provided in partnership with an established service provider.

Parry elaborated on the tailored approach to charger installation, stating,

We run detailed simulations for each route on which customers would like to operate an electric truck…Our trucks can take up to a 250 kW DC fast charger, and depending on the client’s needs, we are then able to recommend the optimal charger installation for their location.

Each rental truck will be covered by a full Volvo Trucks Gold Maintenance contract, providing peace of mind to customers.

Furthermore, Volvo Trucks SA has ensured nationwide support for its electric trucks, with three dealers equipped with the necessary technicians and tools for maintenance.

While a rent-to-own option is not currently available, Volvo Financial Services offers rental periods of six months or longer, including maintenance and insurance costs in the rental amount.

With Volvo Trucks SA’s pioneering initiative, the landscape of transportation in South Africa is poised for a sustainable revolution, offering fleets an accessible path towards environmentally friendly operations without compromising on efficiency or reliability.

Are Volvo electric trucks available for rent in South Africa?

Yes, Volvo electric trucks are available for rent in South Africa through an innovative EaaS model, offering eco-friendly transport solutions without high upfront costs.

Who is responsible for servicing Volvo electric rental trucks?

Each rental truck will be covered by a full Volvo Trucks Gold Maintenance contract, providing peace of mind to customers.
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