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Drunk Driver Careens Off Road 20 Times Before Eventually Crashing Near Belabela on R516

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A heart-stopping video circulating on social media has left viewers in shock as a white 2015 Honda CR-V is captured dangerously swerving off and on the R516 near Belabela.

The 3-minute 41-second footage depicts the car careening off the road into the bush multiple times, narrowly missing other vehicles and trucks in its path.

The gripping video, filmed by a concerned motorist following behind, shows the erratic behaviour of the driver who appears to lose control of the vehicle several times.

In more than three instances, the CR-V veers off the road and into the bushes, only to return moments later, narrowly escaping collisions with oncoming traffic.

Despite the alarming nature of the footage, the reason behind the driver’s erratic behaviour remains unconfirmed.

However, speculation has emerged on social media suggesting that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol.

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Throughout the harrowing ordeal, the filming motorist is seen trailing behind, unable to intervene and stop the perilous journey of the CR-V.

Miraculously, the driver manages to evade numerous obstacles, including vehicles, trucks, and trees, before eventually losing control of the vehicle.

The video quickly garnered attention online, with social media users expressing their shock and disbelief at the reckless endangerment of other motorists on the road.

Many have called for authorities to take action against such dangerous behaviour to ensure the safety of all road users.

Authorities have yet to comment on the incident, but the viral video has sparked widespread concern and calls for accountability.

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