Trucks burned howick

Two trucks have been set alight by protesters on the R617 at Mpophomeni near Howick this Tuesday night and there are fears the strike could move to the N3 overnight.

“Criminal elements are now burning trucks on the R617 near Mpophomeni. Two trucks have been set alight,” uMgeni Local Municipality Mayor Councillor CJ Pappas said in a Facebook post.

The protests started after a transformer blew out leaving 150 houses in the dark.

uMngeni told residents they would fix the transfomer on condition they are allowed to do a meter audit, blaming illegal connections for overloading the transformer and eventually its failure.

The residents have blocked municipality employees from doing the audit.

Pappas has warned motorists to stay clear of R617.

“Please also note that threats have been made against other electricity infrastructure in the Mpophomeni area in an attempt to give them false impression that uMngeni Municipality is targeting Mpophomeni.”

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“There have also been threats against other community facilities,” Pappas added.

There are fears that the strike could spread to Merrivale and Howick which may lead to the N3 freeway being affected.

Pappas, however, said reports of N3 being targeted were not confirmed.

Truckers are advised exercise caution when approaching Howick.

Alert: 2 trucks burned near Howick, fears N3 could be affected