CCTV Captures Fiery Head-on Crash on R34 Near Outside Vryheid Screenshot 20240311 075739 Gallery

The R34 has been closed between Vryheid and Ulundi following a fiery head-on collision between two side-tipper trucks within the vicinity of Babanango Game Reserve.

The incident occurred during the early hours of Monday morning, prompting immediate response efforts.

As authorities rush to the scene to manage the aftermath, the affected stretch of road has been temporarily closed to traffic.

Emergency responders are currently working tirelessly to attend to the accident and clear the roadway for safe passage.

In light of the closure, Road Angels SA, a prominent traffic monitor, has urged motorists to seek alternative routes to their destinations.

Alternative route to Vryheid
Alternative route suggested by Road Angels SA

“The road is closed and will be for some time. Refer to the map for alternative routes,” tweeted Road Angels SA, emphasizing the importance of navigating around the affected area to avoid delays and potential hazards.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage showing the harrowing head-on collision has surfaced online.

In the 30-second video, one of the trucks is seen taking on a curve to the left.

It suddenly encroaches onto the oncoming lane where the other truck is, causing a massive collision which sends a ball of fire up.

At the time of reporting, authorities have not yet given information about casualties. This is a developing story.