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CCTV reveals how truck driver died in N11 freak accident at Globlasbrug

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A truck driver died after he was squashed between his truck and another truck on the N11 at the Globlasbrug border post in the early hours of Monday morning.

In the 64-second video footage, the driver can be seen stopping his truck behind another truck next to the Caltex garage on the N11 in Globlasbrug.

He then walks towards two men who are busy changing a flat tyre on their trailer.

Just as he approaches them, his truck starts rolling forward towards the trailer being fixed.

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Upon seeing this, the driver runs back to his truck going in between the trailer and his truck but he is caught up in between and gets squashed between the two vehicles.

According to an audio clip by one of the drivers who were fixing the tyre, the driver died on the spot.

Watch the video here

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