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City of Tshwane employee caught red-handed stealing diesel from buses

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The Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) arrested a City of Tshwane employee, attached to the Tshwane Bus Services’ C de Wet depot, for allegedly stealing diesel.

TMPD spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said the employee was being monitored for a while before the officers pounced on him.

“The employee’s modus operandi was monitored for some days, and he was watched while draining diesel from buses in the depot’s workshop. When TMPD officers pounced on him, he was found in possession of about 100 litres of diesel drained from the buses,” said Mahamba.

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He said the man was charged and detained at Pretoria central police station.

A City of Tshwane employee was arrested after he was found draining diesel from parked buses at the municipality’s depot. Photo: TMPD
“The City of Tshwane would like to condemn the employee’s behaviour and applaud TMPD officers for their exceptional operation in ensuring that the alleged criminal is apprehended. The city will not tolerate such acts of crime from any of its personnel, especially following the city’s recent fuel shortage that affected Tshwane Bus Service operations,” said Mahamba.

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“The city would not be surprised if diesel theft had a contributing factor to the fuel shortage situations that the city has been experiencing. It is hoped that further police investigations will unearth more evidence and unmask those involved in the thieving.”

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Mahamba warned other Tshwane employees stealing from the city that the net was closing in on them.

“We wish to warn those who are involved or planning to steal from the city that they will be arrested, charged, and prosecuted,” he said.

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