Crime Hotspots on the N3 that every trucker should know

Crime torments everyone in South Africa and truckers have become the easiest targets for these lazy but greedy unruly people. Information shared here will help truckers identify hotspots even in areas they have never stepped foot on because another caring person shared the information to warn others.

The crime hotspots can only be identified if someone shares their experience hence we encourage you to tell us your story to help the next person.

We have identified crime hotspots on the N3 highway based on reports from truck drivers, if for some reason we have missed a hotspot you know of please let us know at the end of the page and we will gladly add it.

The crimes that haunt truck drivers on the N3 are robbery, hijacking, theft, arson, malicious injury to property through stone throwing, just to mention a few.

The crime hotspots are listed sequentially starting from Durban going to Johannesburg.

Richmond rd, Pinetown to Marianhill toll

Many cases of criminals pretending to be hikers from this area have been reported. They come in all forms, female male and even young boys so you don’t have to trust anyone who hikes from Richmond rd interchange up to Marianhill toll gate.

Dr Chota Motala Interchange Pietermaritzburg

Many trucks have been damaged and drivers injured after being stoned in this area. Criminals throw stones from the R33 overpass bridge aiming to cause a crash giving them a chance to rob the driver or loot the truck.

Mooi River Toll Plaza

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Mooi River is notorious for all the crimes mentioned above, truck drivers have been killed and others injured in the area. Trucks have been torched and looted also. There are many hikers from this area making it easier for criminals to sneak into your truck in that pretence. Criminals hike from other places only to rob you when they arrive in Mooi River.

Tugela toll plaza

Truck drivers park in the toll gate vicinity thinking it’s safe for them to do so but so much has happened there, including tyre theft, robberies and hijackings. Even if you see other trucks parking there please do not take a chance unless if you want to be the next statistics

Harrismith to Mont Vista

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Cases of ladies of the night robbing truck drivers are rife, sadly, not many victims want anyone to know what they went through. Be careful, it’s not easy to balance business and pleasure.


The SAPS is highly visible in this area but still robberies and hijackings happen often. Robbers ask for a lift from as far as Durban, only to rob or hijack you at Vosloorus. It’s also a hitch hiking spot for nearby residents, making it easy for the criminals to use the same tactic.

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