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Dashcam captures impatient trucker overtake on double barrier lane

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With so many truck accidents on our roads recently, a professional truck driver is expected to be extra cautious to prevent unnecessary crashes that may end up causing loss of life or injury to innocent people.

To achieve this, one needs to be very patient on the highways as they will always be something hindering the flow of traffic.

This trucker lacked such patience and ended up overtaking on double barrier lines. To make it even worse, he does this less than 500m from a second lane which would allow him to legally and safely overtake.

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The trucker manages to pull off the illegal move with no consequence.

The incident happened on the N2 at Riversdale in the Western Cape.

SA Trucker urges fellow truckers to follow the road rules even when breaking the law doesn’t seem to have immediate consequences.

Watch the video below:

@sa_trucker Watch: Impatient trucker overtake on double barrier lane #SATrucker #dashcam ♬ original sound – SA Trucker
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