stolen dh logistics truck

In a continuing saga unraveling on social media, DH Logistics has fired back at Gibson Mwatse’s claims, branding him as “Gibson the Thief MWATSE!” The company’s latest statement sheds light on the intricate web of deceit surrounding the stolen truck and trailer.

A week since the initial report of the theft of its truck by its driver Gibson Mwatse on 07/02/24, DH Logistics revealed shocking details of the truck and trailer spotted in Namibia’s Walvis Bay, engaged in fish transportation between Namibia and Zambia and theft of a load of fish.

According to the company, the stolen Freightliner is currently bearing Zambian registration plates linked to Zalawi Transport, accompanied by fraudulent documents facilitating border crossings under a fake entity, BullRock Transport and Logistics.

stolen DH Lostics with Zambian registration
The truck n ow bores a Zambian registration number. Source: DH Logistics

It notes that, Greg Khumalo, director of Bull Rock Logistics, falsely claimed ownership of the stolen truck.

It’s alleged that the truck was used to steal a load of fish during its last trip, which remains unrecovered.

“The owner continues to search for the missing 27 tons of horse mackerel fish, reportedly intercepted in Lusaka, Zambia, as evidenced by toll slips,” claims DH Logistics.

Responding to Mwatse’s allegations that the truck was a stolen and recovered vehicle hidden from the insurance company, the company said it was all lies.

“In 2020, Sam Kafue hijacked the truck. He was apprehended and admitted guilt. Fortunately, we successfully recovered all the goods. The insurance did not provide any compensation as there was no claim made,” the company wrote.

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Digging deep into the syndicate, DH Logistics exposed the driver currently behind the stolen truck, identifying him as Zulu Jackson, who it says was previously denied employment due to suspicions.

stolen trailer with Zambian registration plates. Source. DH Logistics

Contradicting Mwatse’s claims, the company clarified that the truck’s location was not in Kempton Park, South Africa, as alleged.

Mwatse’s demand for R5000 daily storage fees was debunked, along with his assertions of providing live location updates, refuted as “just another lie.”

Refuting Mwatse’s allegations of mistreatment and unpaid dues, DH Logistics mentioned alleged history of his excessive spending and unresolved discrepancies on previous trips.

In light of these revelations, DH Logistics urged vigilance from the public and emphasized the ongoing search for the stolen truck, trailer, and fish.

DH Logistics owner, Dean Holstick shared the case number and asked anyone who spots the vehicle to report to the nearest police station. Springs SAPS Ref Nr CAS 264/12/2023 contact 0113655700.

The statement concludes with a stark portrayal of Mwatse and his associates as “thieves and compulsive liars”.

SA Trucker tried to get hold of Mwatse but the number provided by sources went to voicemail.

Emails to BullRock Transport and Logistics went unanswered.