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Electric Truck Not Affected by ‘Load-shedding’ Nor a Breakdown, Here is What Happened

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Volvo Trucks South Africa has dismissed reports that its new Volvo Electric Truck broke down on the N3 highway after pictures of the vehicle being towed away by a Joey’s Tow Truck surfaced online.

Social media users joked that the truck was affected by load-shedding hence it had to be towed but Volvo Trucks South Africa was quick to put to rest the assumption that it was a breakdown.

According to Volvo Trucks South Africa General Manager, Joe Pretorius, it was not a breakdown, but rather a simulation of what happens to the electric truck when the batteries run completely flat to 0%.

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Pretorius told SA Trucker that the simulation was part of local testing and simulations that will take place with the vehicles in the coming months to ensure that when they deliver them to the customer, they will be fully prepared.

“The team was busy conducting tests yesterday, April 12th, 2023, on the N3. It was a simulation of what happens to the electric truck when they run the batteries completely flat to 0% and also how the towing procedure works on these new vehicles,” Pretorius said.

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He further added that the procedure was done as near as possible to the dealership in Harrismith, so they would not have to tow it very far. This procedure was a part of the extensive testing and preparation process that all new vehicles go through before being delivered to customers.

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SA Trucker also spoke to the Joey’s Towing team who performed the recovery and they confirmed that it was a simulation.

Volvo Trucks South Africa has been investing heavily in electric vehicles, and the new Volvo Electric truck is a part of this strategy. The company has made a commitment to producing 50% of its trucks with electric drivetrains by 2030, and the new Volvo Electric truck is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The new Volvo Electric truck has been designed to deliver high levels of performance while being environmentally friendly.

The truck recently managed to do a 600 km journey from Durban to Johannesburg, with only one stop for charging. Although the tractor was not pulling any trailer, it was still quite impressive to see it do the 600 km trip and only need one stop for charging.

The truck also features regenerative braking, which means that the batteries recharge when the vehicle slows down, further extending its range.

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Volvo Trucks South Africa is confident that the new Volvo Electric truck will be a game-changer in the commercial vehicle industry. The company is committed to delivering the best possible products to its customers and is continually working to improve its vehicles’ performance and reliability.

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