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Flamboyant Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu linked to a multi-million PPE contract

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Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu, a Johannesburg businessman who instantly became famous back in May 2020 after he purchased R11 million worth of luxury cars in one day has been linked to a corruptly awarded PPE tender in Eastern Cape.

The Hawks are investigating the link of the 32-year-old flamboyant young businessman with an Eastern Cape Provincial government multi-million personal protective equipment contract.

The Hawks eye could not miss the sight of three Porches, a Lamborghini Urus and a Jeep Grand Cherokee, all purchased in a single day.

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Ndlovu investigation comes almost the same way Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala got the attention of the Hawks with his famous Durban July convoy of 72 cars.

When Ndlovu bought the luxury cars for his family, pictures and videos of him displaying the massive purchase flooded the social media.

With the memory of the downfall of Sam Mshengu still fresh in their minds, social media users warned Ndlovu he could fall into the same pit. Some users even called for the investigation of the young businessman.

Black Twitter comes out guns blazing after journo questions Thabiso Ndlovu’s wealth

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Hamilton apologised for the timing of the videos which came at a time when the country and communities were fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hamilton Ndlovu apology

Over the past weekend, a video showing several new vehicles that I recently purchased for my family’s use was posted on my social media timeline.

After much introspection, and taking counsel from my family and community elders, I realized that the video was in poor taste and appeared at a very unfortunate time in our country as we are battling with an invisible enemy which has once more exposed huge challenges faced by my community and many other townships in our country.

The timing of the video is very unfortunate, and I want to unreservedly apologise to my wife, parents, siblings, and children, for the embarrassment this broadcast has caused. I accept that this video has caused much anger and anxiety within the family in the last few days, and to a greater extent has rendered the family vulnerable to unnecessary attention.

Now, less than five months after the display of his riches, the Hawks are onto his case.

A source close to the investigation says the Hawks have strong evidence that Hamilton Ndlovu was awarded a PPE tender corruptly.

Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu vs Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala

The two young millionaires have been compared for their invitation of the police and the taxman into their affairs.

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Sam Mshengu was little known before the 72 car convoy to Durban July 2019. The Hawks investigated him and found out that he was in the country illegally after getting his identity document fraudulently.

He was also charged for corruption after he tried to bribe a Home Affairs official investigating his citizenship. Currently, Mshengu’s whereabouts are not known.

He is believed to have fled the country. Meanwhile, his trucks and other properties have been auctioned off as his business Sam Holdings crumbles.

While it’s still early days to compare the two, social media users have predicted that Ndlovu’s fate will not be far away from Mshengu’s.

Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu’s businesses

He is the Chief Executive Officer at HamiltonN Holdings (Pty) Ltd. According to his LinkedIn profile, Hamilton Ndovu’s businesses are in Aviation, Railway, Shipping, Mining. He is also known to be a fashionista who frequently posts his pictures on Instagram.

Education, qualifications and experience

He stated that he is an electrical engineer. He also worked in many engineering companies as a technical person and also in sales.

Ndlovu is a former electrical design engineer, salesperson and quality manager at ACTOM Electrical Products and electrical manufacturing company.

Ndlovu’s social media pages reflect a successful young African man and a fashionista of note.


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