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Four Nabbed for Diesel Tanker Truck Hijacking in Komatipoort

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Four suspects are currently under police questioning in Komatipoort in connection with a recent incident involving the theft of over 32,000 liters of diesel from a truck that was reportedly hijacked near Hectorspruit, close to Komatipoort.

The incident occurred on the evening of September 7, 2023, around 9:00 PM.

According to available information, the truck driver, transporting a load of diesel, was travelling along the N4 Road when he made a stop at a fuel station in Mjejana, located in Hectorspruit.

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The driver left the truck momentarily to visit a nearby kiosk.

Upon his return, it is alleged that he was confronted by three armed individuals who brandished firearms and threatened him.

These suspects are said to have forcibly taken control of the truck before ultimately abandoning it along the N4 Road near Komatipoort after siphoning off the diesel.

The truck driver promptly reported the incident to the police, resulting in the initiation of an official investigation.

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Law enforcement officers from the Komatipoort Community Service Center (CSC) took swift action, maintaining a vigilant watch for any potential leads.

diesel tanker hijacking komatipoort

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Their diligence bore fruit when they encountered a collection of JoJo tanks situated along the N4 Road in Hectorspruit.

During their inquiry into these tanks, they engaged a man present at the scene and noticed discrepancies in his account.

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diesel tanker hijacking komatipoort

This led the officers to inspect the tanks more closely, during which they uncovered that the tanks were, in fact, concealing a significant quantity of diesel.

Subsequent investigation by the South African Police Service (SAPS) officers led them to a specific location where they found a car jammer, a pallet gun, and a firearm.

Furthermore, they identified and apprehended three additional individuals in connection with the case.

As the investigation continued, the diligent officers were directed to another premises within the Mjejane Trust area.

Here, they discovered a truck containing approximately 1,500 liters of diesel.

The investigation into this truck is underway to uncover details of where and when was it stolen or hijacked.

Four Nabbed for Diesel Tanker Truck Hijacking in Komatipoort FB IMG 1694431096719

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