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Here is How Much Truck Drivers Now Earn From March 2023

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Truck drivers minimum wages have increased by 5% in March 2023, the Employment and Labour Ministry has announced.

The National Bargaining Council for Road Freight and Logistics Industries (NBCRFLI) published the minimum wages for truck drivers working in the sector. This after the Minister of Employment and Labour promulgated the amendments to the Council’s Main Collective Agreement, effective from 1 March 2023.

In this regard, the increases on minimum wages, across the board  and allowances applicable for the period 01 March 2023 to 29 February 2024 are as follows:

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Latest truck driver salary from March 2023

General freight and furniture removal sectors minimum wages from 1 March 2023 until 29 February 2024


Class Current Minimum Weekly Wage Minimum Weekly Wage from 1 March 2023 Monthly salary from from 1 March 2023
Medium motor vehicle driver (both articulated and rigid) R2366.90 R2485.25 R10 761,13
Heavy Motor Vehicle Driver
(both articulated and rigid)
Extra-heavy Motor Vehicle Driver
(both articulated and rigid)
R2655.14 R2787.90 R12 071,61
Ultra-heavy Motor Vehicle Driver R3163.87 R3322.06 R14 384,52
Abnormal Load Driver R3852.55 R4045.18 R17 515,63


Courier Sector wages structure is the same except for the Medium motor vehicle driver (both articulated and rigid) which increases to R2 470,40 from R2352.76.

The above wages for medium vehicle drivers (code 10) when converted to monthly salaries means that the minimum will be R10 696,83.

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Converted to monthly salaries code 14 truck drivers driving vehicles with a gross weight of 24 tonnes or less will earn R12 071,61 per month. The hourly rate for this class of code 14 drivers is R61,95.

Code 14 drivers driving vehicles with a gross weight of up to 56 tonnes (Ultra-heavy vehicles) will earn R14 384,52 at an hourly rate of R73,82.

Abnormal load truck drivers minimum monthly salary is now R17 515,63 and the hourly rate is R89.89.

Truck drivers work for a maximum permissible period of 45 hours which represents a five-day working week at a maximum of 9 hours a day.

Truck drivers can work overtime up to six days a week upon agreeing with their employer, which then makes their salaries go up significantly.

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It must be noted that these are minimum wages, more experienced drivers can earn much more than this.

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Truck drivers salaries also differ with some earning substantially more based on which companies they drive for and what they transport.


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