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Motorists will now be fined for car licences that expired during the lockdown

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Following the expiration on 31 August 2020 of the second extension to the grace period given to motorists whose vehicle licences expired during the lockdown, motorists who did not renew in time will now be fined, says the ministry of transport.

Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesperson Simon Zwane said the 21-day grace period would only apply to those licences ordinarily expiring on 31 August and would end on September 22.

All motor vehicle licence discs, temporary permits and roadworthy certificates that expired between March 26 and May 31 were deemed to be valid and their validity period was extended for a further grace period, which ended on Monday.

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Motor vehicle owners who did not renew licences which expired during the lockdown will “face the consequences”.

“Those who did not renew will face the necessary consequences. If it is a fine that’s due then it will be a fine. It depends on the transgression and the type of licence that is due. If it’s a vehicle impounding, it will be that. Whatever the consequences as per the law, it will kick in,” said transport ministerial spokesperson Ayanda Allie Paine on Friday.

She said that there was a misconception that there would be a 21-day grace period after August 31.

“That’s where the confusion came in. Usually, when your licence expires, you get a 21-day grace period. A lot of people were of the view that the same would happen now but the 21-day grace period was already factored into the extension. There are no additional days,” she said.

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Motor trade number licences that expired between March 26 and May 31 are deemed to be valid and are extended for a further grace period ending on November 30 2020.

All learner’s licences, driving licence cards, temporary driving licences and professional driving permits that expire between March 26 and August 31 are deemed to be valid and their validity period is extended to January 31 2021.

Last week, scores of motorists joined long queues at post offices and licensing offices across the country to purchase vehicle licences and avoid paying penalties.

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