Lebombo border post 24/7

Mozambique has implemented several strict border measures and enhanced tourist safety protocols as the festive season approaches. The news was shared by Johan Swart, JozMoz Accomodation owner in Mozambique.

Side tipper trucks transporting mineral ore will not be allowed into the country from 13 to 25 December 2023.

Mozambique President, Filipe Nyusi, issued a resolute directive to all uniformed staff, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy towards any complaints of harassment against tourists or Mozambican nationals by uniformed officials. This is according to Johan Swart, the owner of JozMoz Accommodation in Mozambique.

This stringent command, effective across all government divisions, reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within the country during the festive season.

In a series of comprehensive border control measures, Mozambique announced significant changes to its border policies, set to be implemented from December 13 to 25, 2023.

Restriction on Ore-Carrying Trucks:

During the specified period, no ore-carrying trucks will be permitted through the borders, emphasizing a temporary suspension to ensure smoother operations and enhanced security measures.

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Centralized Processing for Tourists and Mozambican Nationals:

Entry into Mozambique for tourists and citizens will now be streamlined through three designated processing sites, with the primary site for most passenger vehicles located at KM7 on the South African side, specifically at the site of the old airport.

One-Stop Shop for Vehicles:

At the KM7 site, vehicles will undergo thorough processing by both South African and Mozambican staff. Passports will be stamped, and each vehicle will be issued a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) as a legal requirement for entry. The TIP will be issued free of charge, with a warning of fines for non-compliance.

Safe Passage Stickers:

Following passport control, all vehicles will undergo inspection by Customs officials at KM7 and be issued a ‘SAFE PASSAGE’ sticker, providing 24-hour immunity from routine inspections after crossing the border. However, the sticker does not exempt travelers from adhering to traffic laws.

Gate pass and Town Advisory:

Vehicles will be issued a gate pass for the Mozambican side, with a suggestion to avoid stopping in Ressano Garcia due to increased border traffic. Travelers are urged to remain vigilant, as criminal elements may be present. No unauthorized officials are permitted to stop vehicles until they clear the town.

Compulsory Mozambican Third-Party Insurance:

All vehicles must possess Compulsory Mozambican Third Party Insurance cover, available online or at designated locations near the border. This insurance is mandatory and separate from South African insurance policies.

Pedestrian Processing Center:

Returning mineworkers and pedestrians will undergo processing at the Pedestrian Processing Center within the South African customs area.

Feedback and Evaluation:

A feedback session on the success of the project is scheduled for December 14, organized by CTA, and will include a media briefing. The reverse procedure for returning to South Africa will be announced shortly, with implementation set for January 4, 2024.

As the new measures take effect, Swart expressed gratitude to all involved parties, especially Rogerio Gomes, for their efforts in implementing these concessions. Safe travels!