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N12 pile-up crash | Dashcam shows truck ploughing into bus

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Dashcam footage of the N12 pile-up crash yesterday has emerged on social media. Dashcam from a vehicle waiting at the traffic light caught a truck ploughing into a bus which was yielding for oncoming traffic.
43 people were injured in the multi-vehicle crash involving the truck, a bus, and several light motor vehicles on the N12 at the the Edenvale offramp on Wednesday afternoon.

In the 54-seconds video, the recording car is waiting behind other vehicles turning right at a traffic light.

At the front of the queue, a bus yields for traffic approaching from the opposite direction.

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An articulated truck approaches at high speed from the left hand side and crashes into the stationary bus. A bakkie can also be seen colliding into the truck.

A few metres before crashing, the trucks front axle lifts up suggesting the truck driver may have applied emergency brakes but still could not stop the vehicle.

Emer-G-Med paramedics and emergency service vehicles responded to the mass casualty collision only to be met with absolute mayhem.

“An on-scene triage area was established by incident commanders and with the assistance of the Netcare911 and Rocket aeromedical helicopters, multiple critically injured patients were airlifted to specialist facilities for the definitive care that they required,” Emer-G-Med said.

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Several ambulances transported the injured to various nearby hospitals for further medical care.

Watch the footage below:

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