R394 Linking the N2 to R61 Road Closed Amid Violent Protests in Eastern Cape

Protests in the Eastern Cape region have escalated, resulting in the closure of the vital road linking the N2 Phakade to the R61 at Magusheni.

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport spokesperson Unathi Binqose, confirmed the severity of the situation, describing the protests as violent, destructive, and posing life-threatening risks to motorists.

Binqose emphasized the necessity of the road closure to ensure the safety of travellers amidst the chaos.

The R394 road, which connects the N2 at Phakade to the R61 at Magusheni, has been barricaded with large rocks, exacerbating the already perilous conditions.

R394 Linking the N2 to R61 Road Closed Amid Violent Protests in Eastern Cape

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Additionally, reports have surfaced regarding the burning of a truck along the route, further complicating matters for authorities.

However, due to the hazardous state of the road, law enforcement officials are encountering difficulties in accessing the location of the alleged truck burning incident.

Negotiations with local communities are underway, as officials strive to diffuse tensions and restore order to the area.

Rescue personnel are actively engaged in clearing the road, albeit facing challenges posed by the ongoing protests.

The closure of the stretch is a temporary measure aimed at safeguarding the well-being of road users until stability can be reinstated.

The Eastern Cape Department of Transport urges motorists to exercise caution and seek alternative routes until the situation is resolved.

Further updates regarding the status of the road and the progress of negotiations with protesters are anticipated as authorities work towards a resolution.