Scania Commences Electric Truck Battery Assembly

Scania has officially commenced the assembly of electric vehicle (EV) batteries at its headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden, marking a pivotal moment in its electrification journey.

This development sets the stage for the company’s ambitious target of achieving 50% electric vehicle sales by 2030.

Scania’s battery assembly plant, strategically located adjacent to its truck production facility, represents a significant step towards realizing their electrification goals.

With an investment of approximately $135 million, this facility is poised to play a vital role in Scania’s electrification strategy.

Christian Levin, the President and CEO of Scania and Traton Group, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, stating, “With the battery assembly in operations, we have one of the key enablers in place to accelerate the shift to electrification.”

He emphasized that 2023 marks the year when the transformation to electrified transport truly takes off.

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In collaboration with Northvolt, Scania unveiled a cutting-edge battery cell designed specifically for heavy-duty transportation earlier this year.

This joint effort promises remarkable performance and a minimal carbon footprint.

These battery cells, produced at Northvolt ETT’s gigafactory in northern Sweden, will now be assembled into packs at Scania’s new 193,750-square-foot plant in Södertälje.

This development signals the commencement of serial production for Scania’s electric trucks, tailored for regional transport needs.

The strategic positioning of the assembly plant, adjacent to the revamped chassis line in Södertälje, ensures the ideal conditions for efficient and rapid manufacturing.

Scania anticipates employing 550 skilled workers at the battery assembly plant, boasting a high degree of automation across the production process, from receiving materials to final delivery.

Marcus Holm, Head of Production and Logistics at Scania, underscored the company’s commitment to delivering premium, sustainable solutions for its customers.

He highlighted the remarkable capacity of the assembled battery modules and packs, capable of powering trucks for a staggering 1.5 million kilometers (approximately 932,000 miles), equivalent to the typical lifetime of a truck.

Scania’s strategic investments and forward-thinking approach to electric vehicle manufacturing emphasize its dedication to shaping the future of sustainable transport solutions.

As the global automotive industry undergoes profound changes, Scania’s commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability remains unwavering.