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Truck driver captured in a reckless position on SA road

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Driving without due care and attention is a habit that will definitely catch up with the perpetrator one day and they will pay dearly for their sins. Sadly, sometimes casualties are law abiding motorists who are caught up in the careless driver’s mess and they end up paying with their lives or limbs.

Just when you think you have seen it all, in a photo doing rounds on social media, a truck driver was captured in a reckless position while his truck was cruising on an unnamed highway in South Africa. The heavy goods truck driver’s right leg can be seen dangling outside his window. This automatically reduces his reaction time in case of an emergency.

reckless driver

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This driver will not be able today respond effectively in the event of an emergency.

The right mirror is obviously blocked and effectively useless.

It is impossible for the driver to see immediately in front of his truck because he can’t seat upright with his leg in that position.

The possibility of the driver becoming too comfortable and doze off are greatly increased due to his posture.

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It’s mind boggling also that the driver seemed not to care what would happen if his employer saw his actions considering that a professional driver is never expected to risk his life and that of others by such negligence.

The driver desperately needs a Defensive Driving course or refresher course to learn about the consequences of such actions.

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