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Truck Driver Jailed 25 Years For Bus Robberies

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A truck driver who is also a serial robber has earned himself 25 years behind the infamous Zimbabwe jails for two armed robberies.

39-year-old Jabson Shonhe, a Zimbabwean truck driver at a South African trucking company and kingpin of a robbery gang would, in some cases, park his haulage truck, commit crimes and then proceed on work related trips.

Shonhe who comes from Gokwe in Zim, will serve 25 years in jail for robbing Smart Express bus and another bus in Beitbridge last year.

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He was found in possession of a Smith and Wesson revolver, said to have been used during the Smart-Bus Service robbery.

His accomplice Freddy Ginotry Chibwana (28) of Gadza village, was also sentenced 25 years for robbing passengers aboard Smart Bus Service during which Margaret Mungani was killed and three other passengers injured near Beitbridge on December 17 last year.

The duo, together with Samuel Moyo (29) from the same area, who was not part of the Smart Bus Service robbery, were each sentenced to 10 years for the RegStep Bus Service robbery, which they committed outside Beitbridge nearly two weeks later. They will serve an effective seven years after three years were conditionally suspended.

All the three robbers implicated each other and mobile phones taken from their victims were found on their person.

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Chibwana and Shonhe will appear in court again on February 22, facing murder and attempted murder charges following the death of Mungani and attempted murder for the injuries inflicted on three other passengers shot during the robbery of Smart Bus Service.

Shonhe also faces another charge of being in possession of an unlicensed firearm.

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