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Watch: Dramatic Scenes in Jongensfontein as Rough Waves Sweep Cars into Ocean

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Jongensfontein in Stilbaai has been hit by rough waves which led to several cars being devoured by the relentless ocean waves.

Today, approximately four vehicles were mercilessly swept away by the turbulent waters, casting a shadow over the usually serene swimming hole, a beloved attraction in this coastal town.

According to reports from Arrive Alive, the incident unfolded earlier today, raising concerns among residents and visitors alike.

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The situation escalated to the extent that the surging waters reached the very doorstep of a nearby liquor store, even before the anticipated high tide.

The prevailing weather conditions exacerbated the perilous situation, as strong winds and rough seas converged to create a menacing backdrop along the coastline.

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In response to these circumstances, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) issued a stern warning to all bathers, alerting them to the heightened risks posed by today’s full moon spring tide.

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