tipper truck hit bridge

A tipper truck driver sustained critical injuries after his vehicle collided with an overhead bridge on the Spine Road on-ramp to N3 east, near the Pavilion Mall in Durban on Friday morning.

ALS paramedics rushed to the location, finding the truck’s cab wedged beneath the bridge and the driver trapped inside.

With precision and urgency, emergency responders worked to extract the injured driver from the wreckage.

After a painstaking operation to free the truck from its entrapment, the driver was carefully removed and swiftly transported to the hospital for urgent medical attention.

While the exact cause of the accident remains under investigation, speculation has arisen that the driver may have forgotten to lower the tipper bin after offloading its contents.

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This oversight, if confirmed, could have led to the catastrophic collision with the overhead bridge.

Eyewitnesses and video footage obtained by SA Trucker shed light on the unfolding tragedy, indicating that the driver might have been unaware of the elevated position of the bin as the vehicle hurtled forward, resulting in the bin becoming lodged beneath the bridge at high speed.

Another car collided into the rear of the truck but fortunately, the driver was not injured.