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Watch: Flying Squad car crashes at 118km/h as Durban chase goes horribly wrong

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Dashcam footage from an alleged Durban Police Flying Squad vehicle which captured it crashing at 118km/h has gone viral online.

The dashcam video was shared on social media alleging that the high speed chase and crash happened in Durban.

The short video clip shows the vehicle doing 152km/h while chasing a fleeing car. The vehicle accelerates to 159km/h closing in on the fleeing suspects.

The suspects’ car makes a suicidal move to change lanes cutting in front of another car avoiding hitting it and a pavement on the right hand side by a fraction of a second.

The Flying Squad car abruptly decelerates to avoid crashing into the car ahead but not quickly enough. It crashes into the vehicle at 118km/h and overturns bringing the chase to a halt.

The fleeing suspects presumably manage to escape as no other police vehicle can be seen in the video.

Watch the video below:

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