shooting of izusa truck

A shocking shooting incident occurred on the N2 near Mtunzini in KwaZulu Natal on the 16th of March 2024, as captured in video footage that has surfaced online.

The incident involved gunmen firing multiple shots at a moving truck, leaving behind a trail of destruction and raising concerns about safety of the driver.

According to the GPS coordinates displayed in the video, the shooting took place specifically on the N2 in Mtunzini.

The footage, recorded by a rear-facing camera on an Izusa Carriers truck, reveals the harrowing moments as another vehicle approaches from behind.

As the vehicle draws alongside the truck, it slows down, and gunfire erupts from the passenger side of what appears to be a white Audi sedan.

The assailant or assailants unleash a rapid barrage of bullets towards the truck, forcing the driver to come to a halt amid the onslaught.

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The intensity of the attack is evident as the gunmen continue firing before abruptly speeding off upon realizing another vehicle approaching.

The motive behind this brazen attack remains unclear, leaving authorities and the trucking community puzzled about the circumstances leading to such violence on the road.

Subsequent inspection of the targeted truck revealed at least 23 bullet holes, highlighting the severity of the assault and the potential danger posed to the occupants.

Questions linger about the well-being of the truck driver and the implications of such targeted violence in the province.