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Watch | M7 West Closed After N2 Interchange Following Multiple Vehicle Accident

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A multiple vehicle accident has brought the M7 towards Pinetown to a standstill.

The incident occurred after a truck and a bus collided, leaving both drivers severely trapped, and numerous vehicles involved in the wreckage.

Emergency services, including Advanced Life Support (ALS), rushed to the scene to assist the victims and manage the chaos ensuing from the collision.

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The severity of the entrapment has necessitated intricate rescue operations, with personnel working tirelessly to stabilize and treat the injured.

As of now, the M7 Pinetown bound has been closed to all traffic, adding to the traffic snarl in the area.

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Watch | M7 West closed After N2 Interchange Following Multiple Vehicle Accident

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Motorists are strongly advised to seek alternative routes, as the efforts to clear the scene and attend to the injured are expected to be lengthy and complex.

Risking their own safety, technicians are assisting paramedics in extricating the trapped drivers from the wreckage.

The situation is dire, requiring a coordinated effort from all emergency responders on site.

Authorities continue to work diligently to restore order and provide assistance to those affected.

Updates on the situation will be provided as they become available.

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