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Watch: More truck drivers get in trouble for reckless driving on N2

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Drive recklessly on N2 at your peril!

Truck drivers using the N2 route between Richards Bay and Ermelo are warned to obey the road rules or face the consequences of being seen by the vigilant communities of the areas.

Following the horrific crash in which 20 people were killed when a side tipper truck collided with a bakkie transporting school kids in Pongola the community has decided to keep a hawk eye on the driving behaviour of truck drivers.

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Recently, a number of truck drivers caught on camera driving recklessly have been stopped and removed from their trucks and replaced with other drivers.

After disciplinary hearings, a few of them lost their jobs.

In a CCTV video footage captured this morning, three side tipper trucks were caught driving in the manner that has caused others two lose their jobs.

Two of the trucks successfully overtake another truck, albeit illegally at a no overtaking zone. The third one quickly abandons the mission and pulls back behind the slow moving truck.

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SA Trucker has posted videos of this nature several times before and on occassions drivers got into trouble. Truck drivers are urged to obey all the road rules whenever they perform their duties.

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SA Trucker has the registration plates for both vehicles which were shared on a Transporters group.

Both trucking companies with truck drivers captured in the CCTV footage have been notified of their reckless driving.

Disciplinary hearings will be done to deal with the matter.

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We would like emphasize the dangers involved in illegal overtaking which may cause head-on collisions like the one that killed 20 people.

Drivers should know that if there is anyone seeing them, then they could be on camera. Well on this one, CCTV did the job, so better just drive the way you are paid to do and you will be safe.

Watch the video below:

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