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Watch: Shock as Truck Drags Bakkie Along After Crash on N3

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Highways often bear witness to bizarre and inexplicable incidents, leaving us bewildered and astonished.

One such extraordinary event unfolded recently on the N3 highway, where a truck was captured on video unknowingly dragging a bakkie following a collision.

The footage, which spans a mere 16 seconds, captures the surreal scene as the truck proceeds along the N3 with the bakkie firmly attached to its right-hand side rear.

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According to eyewitness accounts, the bakkie had apparently collided with the truck, resulting in this unusual spectacle.

In the video, the trucker appears oblivious to the unexpected cargo hitched to the back of the trailer.

It remains unclear how the bakkie became affixed to the truck or whether the trucker was aware of its presence.

The individual filming the incident can be heard sounding their horn in an attempt to alert the trucker to the peculiar situation unfolding behind them.

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However, the video concludes abruptly, leaving viewers to ponder the eventual outcome of this bizarre highway encounter.

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