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Watch: South African Truck Driver Arrested in Mozambique After Collision with Minibus Taxi

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A South African truck driver has been taken into custody by Mozambique authorities following a shocking incident that occurred on a busy intersection at KM4 near the Ressano Garcia border post.

The incident unfolded when the truck driver allegedly shot through a stop sign and collided with a minibus taxi, leaving four people injured.

The accident, which transpired on Monday afternoon, has left both local authorities and residents puzzled as to what could have prompted such a catastrophic collision.

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Eyewitnesses on the scene reported a scene of chaos and confusion as the truck driver, whose identity has not been disclosed at this time, attempted to navigate the intersection.

Mozambique police acted swiftly and apprehended the South African truck driver immediately after the crash.

Video footage of the incident, now widely circulating on social media platforms, paints a grim picture of the collision.

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In the video, the truck can be seen suddenly emerging from behind a line of other trucks, appearing as if the driver had lost control of the vehicle.

Desperately attempting to avoid a collision with another truck, the driver swerved to the left at an intersection, inadvertently colliding with a passing minibus taxi.

The collision resulted in significant damage to both vehicles and caused injuries to four passengers in the minibus taxi.

Local emergency services rushed to the scene to provide immediate medical attention to the injured individuals, who were later transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Authorities are now conducting a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and whether any additional factors, such as mechanical failure or road conditions, contributed to the collision.

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The South African truck driver faces potential charges related to reckless driving, endangering public safety, and any other violations that may emerge during the investigation.

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