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Watch: Truck dangerously overtakes across double no crossing lines nearly causing head-on crash

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With the prevalence of fatal road accidents on the N3 you would think a professional truck driver will choose safe driving at all times.

Not the trucker in this video, he carelessly overtook across TWO NO CROSSING LINES and in front of an oncoming truck.

It’s a hillrise and at the top, the road bends to the left meaning the driver won’t be able to see what’s ahead of him.

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The incident happened around 04h56 on Friday 24 May 2020 on the N3 northbound carriageway at the second uphill after the R103 offramp.

Well, I have heard other truckers bliaming those who travel slowly on the freeway for their dangerous behaviour but I’m sure on this one they will disown him.

Justifying their dangerous or reckless moves, the truckers will tell you,

he was driving to slow and there was no oncoming traffic so I took my chance

In the video, the truck appears as it overtakes on the oncoming lane while there is another truck coming from the opposite direction.

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The oncoming truck flashes its lights to warn the culprit but he manages to complete the manouvre just as they pass each other.

SA Trucker urges all truckers to be mindful of their actions at all times as they may have devastating outcomes for you the trucker and the other parties involved.

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