Watch: Tshwane Police Van Captured Allegedly Driving Over Apprehended Suspect 20240116 200412

Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) has launched an investigation after their van was captured hitting a suspect who had been apprehended.

The video started making rounds on social media on Monday.

It’s alleged on the social media posts that the cops had intentionally drove over the man.

In the video, three male officers in TMPD uniform are seen holding the man’s arms and assisting him to stand up and lining him up in front of the approaching TMPD vehicle.

Seconds later the man is seen lying on the ground trying to stand up. He could be heard crying.

As the video continues, one of the officials is seen trying to take the phone away from the member of the public who had caught the incident on video.

The motive behind the video as well as the location of the incident is still not known.

Watch the video below;