zimbabwean bus police chase

In a wild and unbelievable clip shared on social media, a Zimbabwean cross border bus, Sable Class, was filmed fleeing from a Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) car somewhere on the N1 south.

In the 2-minute 19-seconds video footage taken by a passenger in the bus, beacons flashing and siren on, the traffic officer can be seen trying to slow the bus driver who keeps dodging to the other lane.

As the chase continues, the bus overtakes a trucker who upon noticing the chase, joins in to try and help the traffic cops.

Passengers can be heard cheering the bus driver to drive on and ignore the police.

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“Push it off the road,” (translation from Shona) one of the passengers can be heard telling the bus driver.

Eventually, the traffic car manages to slow the bus down and with the help of the truck they stop the bus.

The passengers can be heard telling the driver to reverse and escape from the police.

In another video of the of the aftermath of the chase, the TMPD car’s front bumper appears to be severely damaged.

Watch the video below:

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