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Welder killed after tanker explodes during repairs – videos

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A Harare welder has been killed after the petrol tanker he was repairing exploded killing him on the spot.

The tanker belongs to a Harare based company called Segment of Glory Energy.

According to reports, the man was on top of the tanker trailer while patching a leak when the freak accident happened.

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When the tanker exploded, the welder was thrown into the air. His lifeless body was discovered on the next depot were it landed.

“The man was on top of the gasoline tank trailer welding it and everything looked to be going okay,” stated an unnamed eyewitness.

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“He asked whether the sadza I was making was done so he could come and buy it when he was finished.”

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“We were startled moments later by the explosive boom of the fuel tanker.” The victim was flung into this yard (adjacent to the depot) and died instantly.

Others said they heard the massive explosion and thought that it was a bomb.

Several cars and trucks parked near the tanker were severely damaged. The windscreen came off from a Volvo truck which was parked next to the tanker.

No other people were injured in the accident. Watch the video of the exploded tanker here.

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