Professional Crusader logistics truck drivers and twin sisters Ayanda and Amanda Ngubane (
Professional truck drivers and twin sisters Ayanda and Amanda Ngubane (26).

Amanda “Stufuza” Ngubane (26) and her twin sister Ayanda have shattered stereotypes and achieved remarkable success in a field that has long been dominated by men, as they make their mark at Crusader Logistics.

Their journey began after completing high school in 2015 when the sisters decided to forgo further studies and instead contribute to their family’s support. In 2017, their mother stepped in to help them obtain their driver’s licenses. During their driving lessons, they learned that Manline Freight company was seeking women with Code 10 and 14 learner’s licenses for their learnership program.

Applying for the program, Ayanda received an invitation for an interview, while Amanda faced initial disappointment at not being called. Nonetheless, Amanda accompanied her sister to the interview.

Unexpectedly, Amanda was also given an opportunity to interview when her sister’s interviewer realised that they have overlooked her CV for thiniking it was a duplicate of Ayanda’s CV due to their identical initials.

Both sisters seized the chance and were accepted into the 18-month freight learnership. The journey post-learnership was not without hurdles. Relocating to Johannesburg in search of better prospects proved unsuccessful for Amanda, who then took to social media to connect with fellow truck drivers seeking employment.

A turning point arrived in 2021 when Amanda applied for a truck driver position, and during her interview, she mentioned her twin sister’s job search.

Crusader Logistics, based in Cato Ridge, saw the potential in both sisters and welcomed them into their workforce.

Amanda now handles the wheel of an Actros 2652 truck pulling a tautliner superlink, hauling a 36-ton load. Her presence has not only challenged traditional gender roles but has also sparked positive reactions from observers.

Amanda ‘Stufuza’ Ngubane
Amanda drives an Actros 2652 truck hauling a tautliner superlink. Pic supplied

Passersby often express excitement upon realizing a woman is in command of the formidable machine. The sisters receive equal respect from their male colleagues, dismantling barriers in a traditionally male-centric environment.

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Addressing the challenges faced by women in the trucking industry, Amanda acknowledges the potential vulnerability to crime, particularly during long-distance journeys. However, she emphasizes that crime affects everyone in the industry and that women are just as capable as men. With an infectious laugh, Amanda dispels the notion that truck driving is a “man’s job.”

Passionately encouraging other women to consider truck driving, Amanda reveals that many women have expressed interest in the field through her social media presence.

She notes that freight companies actively seek female truck drivers, providing ample opportunities for those willing to pursue this path. Additionally, she highlights the decent salaries offered by most freight companies, citing personal achievements such as home renovations and purchasing a car.

Although their mother’s passing in 2021 brought sadness, the sisters have managed to make strides in their careers and personal lives.

Amanda expresses a sense of accomplishment in providing for their family and wishes their mother could have witnessed their achievements. As the Ngubane twins continue to defy norms, their story serves as an inspiration for women aspiring to challenge conventions and pursue their dreams.

Crusader Logistics heaped praise on the twin sisters on their achievements.

“Well done ladies, keep up the great work and continue to inspire other women to join the trucking industry. May God bless and protect you as you fly the Crusader Logistics flag high.
We appreciate you,” wrote Crusader Logistics on social media.

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