45 Worshippers Die as Moria-bound Bus Plunges Off Bridge in Limpopo

Tragedy struck the heart of South Africa as 45 worshippers lost their lives in a horrific bus accident that occurred along the mountain pass between Mokopane and Marken in Limpopo on Thursday morning.

The devastating incident unfolded on along the R518 in the Waterberg district.

45 Worshippers Die as Moria-bound Bus Plunges Off Bridge in Limpopo

According to initial reports, the bus, which was reportedly en route from Botswana, veered off the Mmamatlakala bridge before plummeting into the abyss below and erupting into flames, leaving behind scenes of utter devastation.

Among the victims, only one survivor, an 8-year-old child, was found amidst the wreckage and has been rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.

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The bus, which had a total of 46 people on board, including the driver, bore a Botswana registration number.

However, confirming the citizenship of the victims will only commence after the foreign missions of both South Africa and Botswana verify their citizenship statuses.

The driver lost control, causing the bus to hurtle off the bridge and crash onto a rocky surface approximately 50 meters below, where it quickly became engulfed in flames.

Rescue operations persisted late into Thursday evening, with some bodies found burned beyond recognition, others trapped within the debris, and some scattered across the scene.

As authorities continue to investigate the cause of the tragic accident and work to identify the victims, the community mourns the loss of lives and extends its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones affected by this devastating event.