Watch: 22 Passengers Injured as Putco Bus Catches Fire on Moloto Road

A distressing scene unfolded along Moloto Road on Wednesday morning as a Putco bus burst into flames, leaving 22 passengers injured in a frantic attempt to escape the inferno.

The incident, captured in a video circulating on social media, depicts harrowing moments as passengers scramble to flee the burning bus, some resorting to jumping out of windows to evade the engulfing flames.

Putco, the bus company in question, has since confirmed the incident, expressing profound concern for the welfare of those affected by the tragic event.

“Our immediate priority has been the wellbeing of the passengers affected by this unfortunate event. We can confirm that we have provided prompt passenger assistance, particularly in addressing their injuries,” stated Putco spokesperson Lindokuhle Xulu.

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As investigations into the cause of the fire are underway, Putco emphasized its commitment to collaboration with relevant authorities to ascertain the root cause of the accident. Safety remains paramount, with the company pledging to comprehensively review and address every aspect of the incident.

“Our thoughts are with the 22 passengers who were injured, and we extend our gratitude to the emergency response teams, including private and state ambulances, for their swift actions and support during this challenging time,” Xulu added.

While details surrounding the cause of the fire remain under investigation, Putco assured the public of its commitment to transparency, promising to share more information as it becomes available.