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Address crime first, truckers tell begging Beaufort West Mayor

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Beaufort West Mayor, Noel Constable, has urged motorists to continue their stop-overs and contribute to the town’s economy.

“We ask the truckers, we ask the taxis to please stop in our town, make sure that you fill up with petrol, make sure you buy some stuff,” said Mayor Constable speaking to SABC.

He made the plea as the socio-economic situation in the small town in the Karoo has significantly worsened due to the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown.

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The town, which is situated on the N1 highway, is a regular stop-over for motorists travelling between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Municipal Manager, Kosie Haarhoff, says due to the closure of many businesses and lay-offs, crime is sky-rocketing.

“Because many people have lost their jobs and are unemployed, they are unable to provide for their families. So hunger, poverty, is a major issue in this town. And this led to other social ills, burglaries, etc.”

Meanwhile, truckers would actually want to see the town address crime first, before they start stopping in the town.

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“We were attacked, murdered, robbed, our trucks looted and even banned from stopping in the town and you did not say anything, why now?” asked one trucker.

Several other truckers expressed their unwillingness to stop in the town and even prayed that it becomes a ghost town for crimes committed against truck drivers, here is what they had to say.

Karma is the sweetest revenge served by the most high one, some of us are victims of that town robbed stabbed harassed. I hate that town wish i’d fly over it when driving to the Cape cause u are not safe when driving through that town it’s sad for truckers – Thabo Elvis Nonyane

Seems like a lot needs to change there. No one will stop if it is not safe.
– Nicky Rautenbach

An utterly useless town. The quicker there is a road around that place the better.
– Kerneels Kaaskierie

A truck driver was arrested after allegedly running over a thief who was stealing from his trailer. Many truckers sympathised with him having been victims of crime themselves in the town.

Just address crime first Mr Mayor, it has been a problem long before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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