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Alert to Truckers: Driver Shot, Robbed Near Carousel Toll Plaza on N1 North

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An urgent alert has been issued to truck drivers following a shocking incident that occurred just after the Carousel Toll Plaza on the N1 northbound around 2 am on Thursday.

A truck driver was shot in the leg in what appears to be a robbery attack.

The driver, who is currently recovering in the hospital, had reportedly stopped to relieve himself when he was ambushed by robbers.

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The attack took place alarmingly close to where traffic police were conducting vehicle inspections next to the toll gate.

Reports indicate that despite the proximity, the police did not intervene during the assault.

Graphic images and a video showing the aftermath of the attack have surfaced on social media, depicting a disturbing scene with a pool of blood inside the truck and the driver’s clothes heavily soaked in blood.

This incident raises serious questions about the safety of truck drivers, especially during the night and in areas where they might be vulnerable to such attacks.

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Such attacks have also been recorded several times at Mooi River toll gate on the N3. SA Trucker encourages truck drivers to use truck stops only, especially at night where robbers can ambush them in the dark if they stop on the roadside.

The trucking community is also encouraged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities or threats to their safety to ensure that everyone knows the dangers they may find themselves in.

Drivers are reminded to prioritize their safety and to use designated rest areas as much as possible.

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