The ATDF-ASA is pleased to learn that the Ministerial task team created to address its demands is finally doing its job.

Speaking to SA Trucker, ATDF-ASA Secretary-General, Sfiso Nyathi said he is happy authorities were starting to respond to their grievances.

“We want to thank the president of the ministerial task team which is showing us that they are committed to solving our demands as citizens of this country, the minister of transport and the minister of home affairs,” ATDF-ASA said in a statement.

“As always, we stand with the drivers and we support all peaceful protests which were taking place throughout the country. As an organization, we condemn any violent action but we understand when people are angry they can do anything,”

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Recently, the cabinet announced that it would no longer issue special permits to Zimbabweans who were using the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP). This has been seen in some sectors as a direct response to demands by local truck drivers who were demanding that foreign truck drivers should leave their jobs to create opportunities for them.

Many Zimbabweans who are employed as truck drivers, and have no other qualifications may not be able to qualify for the mainstream visas as driving is not a scarce skill.

Nyathi also thanked the MEC of the Transport Eastern Cape, Mama Wenziwe Tikane and her KwaZulu-Natal counterpart, Mrs Peggy Nkonyeni for their efforts to address grievances by local truck drivers.

ATDF-ASA called for the minister of employment and labour to put more effort so that the matter will be solved as soon as possible.

“We want all the money that was deducted from foreign workers to be paid in full. We will never support slavery,” said Nyathi.

ATDF-ASA thanked all the truck drivers for supporting them in their fight for the rights of citizens.

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