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Blow for truck drivers using foreign licences to drive South African registered vehicles

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Foreign truck drivers using certificates from their countries as an acceptable form of a PrDP to drive South African registered vehicles within South Africa may soon lose that privilege.

This after the Minister of Transport published a draft bill that requires South African registered trucks to be driven by someone holding a South African PrDP.

The gazette proposes that a foreign citizen (driver) who holds a certificate / document that allows the driving of certain classes of vehicles in the home country of the foreign citizen (where such document is required and was issued)

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– will no longer be valid (acceptable) in South Africa for the driving of any SOUTH AFRICAN registered vehicle that requires a PrDP (class D, G or P as the case may be).

The legislative proposal stems from a number of meetings between the Department of Transport and the Association regarding the attack on South African companies by groupings like the ATDF where the “foreign driver issue” has been raised and used as the excuse to perpetrate violence, extortion, arson, looting and aggravated assault on drivers.

RFA says it tabled a number of measures / solutions to address the ILLEGAL employment of foreign drivers.

“The Department has deemed fit to propose this amendment to the National Road Traffic Act – in what would seem to be an attempt to reduce the number of foreign citizens employed by South African companies to drive domestic legs / routes in deference to employing SA citizens,” RFA said in a statement.

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It is worth noting that – to obtain a PrDP – the individual needs to hold a valid SA licence (foreign licence holders will NOT be able to apply for – and be issued with – a valid PrDP).

The proposed legislation does not (in any manner) consider a foreign licence holder holding proof (certificate) of successfully completed PrDP training as being acceptable to drive the SA registered classes of vehicles within South Africa.

Advice for foreign truck drivers using licences from their countries

SA Trucker advices drivers using foreign licences to apply for South African licences before the bill is passed into law.

After obtaining a licence, drivers will then be able to apply for a PrDP which will allow them to continue driving South African registered vehicles.

It is also worth noting that foreign citizens will only be able to apply for the SA licence only if they are in the country legally.

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The draft regulation amendment to the National Road Traffic Regulations is found in the Government Gazette No. 44484 of 23 April 2021 and comments may be made for 30 days from 23 April 2021.

RFA requested members to forward their comments to the Association by 18 May 2021. Comments to
be sent to charlene@rfa.co.za

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