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Leo Prinsloo, the heroic cash van driver’s impressive profile

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Most people by now will know or may have heard of Leo Prinsloo, the cash van driver, after his heroism during a failed cash-in-transit heist on the N4 on 22 April 2021.

Video of the high-speed chase and shooting has gone viral online, with many praising the heroic actions of the driver, Prinsloo, and likening him to a real-life Jason Bourne.

Who is Leo Prinsloo?

He is a former SAPS Special Task Force member and the head instructor of its “Lone Operator” courses.

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The unit is responsible for all hostage situations in South Africa and other specialised functions.

He is also the founder of The Edge Shooting Academy in Pretoria.

Prinsloo does work for security firm Fortis Pro-Active Defence Solutions which got famous when he employed his skills to evade CIT robbers near Pretoria.

Now you get it, he was not just a Special Task Force member but an instructor, actually the head instructor of a course that specializes in surviving as a lone operator.

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His calmness as bullets hailed on his van manifests how much training he has gone through. You will agree with me that if the robbers knew his profile before attacking, they would have thought twice.

SA Trucker has been inundated with requests for interviews with the man which is not possible at this stage.

“We can confirm that it is indeed Leo Prinsloo. However, Leo is currently unavailable for comments regarding the incident as it forms part of an ongoing investigation.” the company wrote on Facebook.

Social reactions to Leo’s bravery

“They couldn’t make a movie about this guy. Not one actor out there could mimic this type of bravery,” one person commented on YouTube.

One wrote, “In South Africa you don’t say ‘call the police’ you say ‘call Robbie, call Josh’ cos you know them guys gonna do more to help you than the police.”

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Another added, “These guys don’t get paid nearly enough.”

If you missed it, here is how Leo shot to fame while doing his work protecting valuable assets in transit.

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